Step by step: How to Enter a Song into a PureSolo Competition

Here it is, the 5-step guide for entering PureSolo competitions!

1) Choose your competition-eligible track

Each PureSolo competition has specific ‘competition songs’. You can find out which songs are eligible on the relevant competition page (for David Guetta, click here)

2) Record your performance

Recording is easy with PureSolo. Just click the ‘Record’ tab to go to PureSolo online music recorder. You can record each track as many time as you like, and save multiple versions.

3) Choose your best recording

All of your saved recordings are displayed under the ‘Recordings’ tab on the Record page. To play a recording, select it to load it into PureSolo recorder, then hit the Play button.

4) Click “Share”

When you have loaded your favourite performance of a competition track into the PureSolo recorder, click the small “Share” button at the bottom right of the control panel.

5) Click the “Share It” Button

Clicking the “Share It” button has the effect of posting your performance onto your PureSolo public profile, as well as onto the competition entries page. Now the world can hear your talent!

That’s It!

You have successfully entered your performance into the competition.


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