A meeting with Mark Knopfler

PureSolo recently launched a competition to find a guitarist with the ability to hold his own in a one-to-one lesson with Mark Knopfler.

mark knopfler and christopheGuitarists were invited to use PureSolo’s online recording platform to record the lead guitar part over original backing tracks of Knopfler’s most revered song, including Sultans of Swing.

The standard of all the competition entries was very impressive, but one man stood out from the crowd. His name is Christophe Leyssard; a man from Bordeaux, with a passion for guitar.

On the 9th November, Christophe headed to British Grove Studios to meet his hero. He has written a quick summary of the day in his own words:

“Nearly 3 weeks ago, I lived one of my wildest dream for real : a one-to-one lesson with my hero, Mark Knopfler !!! And I still can’t realise what happened!

On November 9th in the morning, I met David, co-founder of PureSolo.com, who picked me up to go to the British Grove studio! We arrived half an hour before the lesson. We were welcomed by his team, very nice people that made us feel really comfortable before the arrival of Mark at 9am. Two chairs were facing each other with guitars on their stands waiting for us!

And then, Mark Knopfler entered the room… and I spent the best hour of my life as you can imagine! Just watch the pictures on the site and look at my face! I sat in front of Mark who played lots of different things, explaining his finger playin’ and giving tips. All I can say is that he’s a gentleman, and the best teacher ever!!! I’ve been really impressed by the way he plays his guitar and his music culture! Great man!

After a while, Mark had to leave due to other commitments and then we could visit the whole studio for one hour and a half. Definitely a magic place!!!

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions about this meeting, there’s so many things to say and I’d be happy to answer!

Thanks so much again to the PureSolo team for that unforgettable day!!!”


4 responses to “A meeting with Mark Knopfler

  1. Congratulations again to you Christophe, I belive you, and i can imagine, it was the best hour of your life. Whis you all the best and greetings from Vienna to you. Siegfried

  2. Thanks so much again Siegfried!!! I’m writing a far more detailed summary at the moment, telling the whole story! Keep in touch!

  3. Siegfried Alram

    Hello Chris,
    thank you very much for your answer. I am very happy. I’m really looking forward to your story about the meeting with Mark. I wish you a great weekend and a great second Advent Sunday. Keep in touch.

    Greetings from snowy Vienna


  4. It must have been the most unforgettable moment in your life. It would certainly be for me. You are one LUCKY guy ! Congratulations. Looking forward to reading more about your experience with MK.

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