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PureSolo Tech Update 7/9/10

We’ve made some changes to the User Dashboard as the first stage of an overall plan to provide our community with some cool new features.

Recent Recordings have now been merged with Community Notifications into one big activity stream.

With this new addition, you are now able to expand the menu by clicking the ‘more’ button at the bottom, allowing you to view the activities of all your friends further in the past, so you never miss out on what’s been happening in the community.

We implemented this feature in response to requests from several community members, so please let us know what you think, and keep sharing your suggestions with us!


PureSolo Tech Update 2/8/10

Our tech team have unleashed a new piece of functionality for you all to get your mitts on!

Check out the top of your PureSolo profile – see the Facebook Like button? Now your PureSolo buddies can click this button to tell all their Facebook friends about how awesome you are at singing or performing!

We hope to develop this feature so that you will receive a notification whenever someone ‘Likes’ you, but for now, enjoy it, and let us know your feedback.